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It’s going to be over 100 degrees Fahrenheit all week in Iraq. Just like it was last week and the week before. Almost 10 degrees cooler than last month, and not near as hot as the typical 147 degree daytime highs. And that is only part of what our US troops go through everyday.

Michael Moore’s documentary, Fahrenheit 911 showed, among other things, that US troops often come from humble backgrounds. They shot recruiting scenes from ghettos, inner city projects and cities that have seen better days. Young men and women who have somehow survived their environment. People who know that they can be more if they are willing to make sacrifices. Youngsters who go, hoping and praying that they will come home alive.

Many do not have family. Some do, but spend their wages to support a family at home.

Nearly impossible, with the average soldier wage of $6-7 dollars an hour.

Like most of us, I’m sure you’re had moments of guilt as you enjoyed a great steak dinner, a hot shower, and an ice cold can of Coke- knowing that our soldiers are far from home and do not always have access to the things we take for granted. But now, before the busy shopping season is upon us, you can do something practical for these hard working soldiers.

Treats for Troops is the brainchild of Deborah Crane, who was married to a soldier, had a son in the Navy, and currently has a son in the Air Force overseas. She realized that security concerns and complicated shipping regulations made it almost impossible for average citizens here at home to show their support and love to those on the front lines. She created a web business that links needy soldiers with people willing to foster them. Sponsors can select their soldier based on home state, gender or branch of service. Deborah rotates the soldiers names on a list, so that for now, it is one gift per soldier.

Deborah’s goal is simple, to send a gift and make a soldier smile. And she has done that, and more by providing a safe and secure way to send a gift overseas. Her company has researched gifts that are practical, in demand and inexpensive to send.

Bill Owens, Governor of Colorado has publicly commended Deborah’s efforts. Read his personal letter online: /newsroom/story.php?id=8

Treats for Troops lets you do more than just wave a flag at home. And if you already have the name and address of someone in the military, you can specify the gift is to go directly to them.

Many schools, organizations and corporations have joined in the effort to warm our servicemen and women’s hearts this holiday season, with a gift from home. I can’t think of a nicer thing to do for someone. In return, you will either get an e-thank you or a postcard direct from the soldier who received your gift. But be assured that your identity is kept confidential, so this is truly a no-risk opportunity. Everyone wins!

You can also send a card or letter from the Treats for Troops website.

Because it normally takes 4-6 weeks to get a package to a soldier, NOW is the time to start.

Take some time today to go over to the site and read some of the many letters from grateful troops. “I’m not sure how I got lucky enough Refrigeration Equipment Suppliers to get on your mailing list, but thank you very much. I am the Commander of the 25th FAD in Kinkuk, Iraq. We are doing well. The support from home makes an incredible difference in our state of mind. Than you! Adam US Army” /thankyou/messages.phpWater Cooled Condenser

If you want to send a birthday gift, Treats for Troops will automatically divert your gift to a soldier with a birthday coming up. Billy from the US Army writes, “Thanks a lot for what you sent. We really don’t have anything out here. I thank you more than you know. I am glad we are thought about. Thanks.”

Can you imagine the heartwarming feeling of receiving a personal thank you like that from Iraq? ” Thank you so much! I got this package right after we got back from the field. My buddies and I ate it all up. It made us feel a lot better. We all thank you.” Nathaniel of the US Army.

Jamie of the USMC writes, “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! That was the best and most thoughtful care package I have ever received! I am so proud to be defending some of the kindest people in our country. Thanks again. Love, Jamie”

Mark from the US ARMY writes, “Receiving this gift from you has made my holiday season. You have made one very lonely jetflier very happy. Mark.”

James from the US Army serving in Afghanistan writes, “Sorry about not returning the card you included with the gift. It got messed up. I am in the Army and originally from Oklahoma, even though I have spent most of my career overseas. Myself, as well as my tent mates really appreciated the box. It is # a good feeling to know people back home haven’t forgotten us or what we do for our country. Thanks for all the support, it will not be forgotten. God Bless, James.”

The site also has a photo gallery of some of the troops enjoying their gifts. All smiles, with their buddies, opening their surprise packages from home. It is so darn touching, I dare you not to cry.

Prices start at a dollar. Even if all you can send is a can of Pringles or a pound of salted sunflower seeds- they will all be appreciated and enjoyed.

I leave you with an excerpt from the Treats for Troops website: “He’s only eighteen. He did all right in high school, but not good enough to get somebody else to pay for college. But he wanted to make something of himself, maybe even do something important. So he joined the army, and now it’s their job to turn him into a man. He’s giving it his all, and most of the time he feels like he left the kid he used to be back in Colorado. But not all the time. Not today. This is the first time he’s ever been away from home, and even though he’s never really alone, he’s often lonely. Sometimes he wonders if people back in the States are behind him. He’d like to know, because he’s made a pledge to lay down his life to defend his country if he has to.”

Please go to the Treats for Troops website now and support our troops. /index.php

Water Cooled Condenser Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync

Smart Unlock and also a multi-tasking manager. Syncing your electronic mail to your Air Cooler Office Exchange Server is done over the Water Cooled Condenser Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, which arrives standard with the Samsung S8000 Jet.
Penning electronice mesages for netmail or SMS is likewise achieved with much simpleness both in landscape and portrait view.
One major spotlight of this mobile device is the 800MHz Application Central Processor that takes multimedia into a new and extraordinary level. And we never wish to fall for anything less than averageness when it comes to technical investments. The MP3 Player handles major audio formats and it also features an included FM Radio Receiver with RDS to supply to your musical necessities. Moreover, the Jet bears adobe flash, holds an Advert Blocker and remarkably puts up a multi-window option that lets you surf up to 5 webpages. Text input is completed over the embedded QWERTY keyboard or the alphanumerical keypad. The navigation or menu key is fascinating as it looks like a 3D block that uses all the six sides and conveniently lets you access the photograph browser, music, video recordings, radio, games and of course the internet.8 grams. We need the greatest value for our money.
Samsung S8000 Jet, sincerely a mobile device worth the purchase and is truly smarter than a smartphone in the marketplace today. Other innovations on the dynamic interface includes the TOUCHWIZ 2.
Playing and capturing videos is likewise one of its good points. The video recording player accommodates all major video data formats too. It brings about robust and instant multimedia feature and expedient three dimensional touch and motion response interface. The back plate is extraordinary and lovely; a legacy brought about by the technology utilized in Samsung’s Touch of Color motif encountered in flat screen TVs. You may instantly download video recordings and play it back by DivX and Xvid without conversion.1 AMOLED WVGA display rules the front end of the SAmsung S8000 Jet and delivers clear, colorful resolutions of nearly 800 x 400 pixels.
This mobile phone is lightweight and petite measuring at around 109 x 54 x 12.5 mm and weighs only at 110.Streamlined designs, exhilarating innovations and excellent performance are the attributes that we chiefly search for in mobile devices. The JET comes esthetically complete with a brilliant chic body constructed from a refined and comfortable plastic material with soft edges and corners as well as slimly curled surfaces.
Samsung has once more redefined the heart and soul of mobile innovation with its newest product the Samsung s8000 Jet mobile phone which is labeled to be smarter than a Smartphone.
Browsing online is attained via the full HTML browser that handles pinch gestures to zoom in or out of a webpage.

The Samsung Jet also comes with a 5 megapixel photographic camera with dual power LED and WDR and anti-shaker, blink, face and smile detection

Whenever the aging Pentax K20D ended up

Whenever the aging Pentax K20D ended up in to a reduce price bracket it signalled the release of a brand new design Pentax DSLR to take its place. The Pentax K-7 has a lot in common with its Pentax K20D sibling though it has a several aces up its sleeves to separate it, such as video assistance and considerably faster performance.

The Pentax K-7 functions a 1.5x crop aspect and 14.6 megapixel CMOS sensor, alongside along with an much better model of Pentax’s PRIME graphic brand which benefits in much better transfer charges and quicker efficiency. An all new noise sensor, with better sounds features is also integrated together with a modified 77-segment metering program. On the back of the DSLR, you’ll get a 3.0-inch LCD display as well as an all-new viewfinder with impressive overage.

Apart from the weather-resistance properties that the majority of modern DSLR’s feature, the Pentax K-7 offers been designed with cooler weather in mind. Pentax has additional frosty resistance that lets the DSLR to be used in conditions as reduced as -10 degrees Celsius. The magnesium alloy body has been decreased in dimension when following to the Pentax K20D, and the Pentax K-7 weighs in at a fair 670g when stripped of the battery and memory card. The stainless steel body coupled with the magnesium alloy system blend to produce a DSLR that not really simply looks good but offers a much more solid feel than a lot of of its rivals.

The Pentax K-7 functions a few 25 different exterior controls, with many of these types of being used for more than a single purpose. For those new to the DSLR world, this particular will certainly get a bit of becoming applied to, but regardless of the profile of so numerous Chiller controls, the Pentax K-7 really does not feel cluttered and isn’t challenging to get around once you obtain the hold of this. The correct handgrip is coated in a rubberised substance that can make it easy to keep and enables for one-handed functioning.

In conditions of efficiency the Pentax K-7 was impressive on the majority of matters. Shooting in equally day time and nighttime produces fantastic outcomes, and the additional choice of electronic filters lets the operator to quickly add special effects in earlier to shooting. The Pentax K-7′s body characteristics inbuilt picture stabilisation and it worked well particularly well for manual pictures in low-light circumstances. Night pictures has been crafted for in the Pentax K-7, with dial shutter speeds of up to 30 seconds and a bulb function that reaps sound effects.

There’s a variety of D-Range choices on present that manage both shadows and highlights well, whilst HDR mode expands the powerful range of an photo through a combination of 3 differently uncovered images, all in-camera. With multi-exposure function a person can easily blend among two to nine different photos in to a single image. Noise will begin to appear at ISO 800, with a colour change which becomes instantly visible at greater ISO levels.
Shake Decrease is additionally an option in the Pentax K-7, with identifiable differences in the actual last picture whenever this feature made on and off. Manual shots appear clearer with Shake Reduction turned on and this feature permits distinct pictures to be made swiftly and effectively. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery presents up an amazing 980 shot potential with no flash and an equally notable 740 shots with 50 per cent flash.

The Pentax K-7 is also capable of recording movie in three different resolutions of upward to 1536 x 1024.

It also makes use of an 11-point autofocus system that has China Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturers been improved on from the actual Pentax K20D style that preceded it. If you’re a prosumer that is looking for a good all-round DSLR with notable operation, then a person need search no further than the Pentax K-7.

Your car or truck is either being cooled

Your car or truck is either being cooled off by a liquid-cooled system or simply one that is air-cooled. The cooling and lubrication systems are in place to take care of the excess heat.

For your lube system, its job is to ensure that there is not too much friction between the moving parts. The exhaust system has the capacity to remove some of the heat yet still a lot of it remains inside the car. Heat is actually produced from your car’s engine, and this system is what is there to regulate and control that heat to prevent damage. If you take the time to take care of the cooling system and the lubrication Screw-Type Condensing Unit system, your car can be running for a very long time. While the car is operating, the cooling system does its best to lessen the excess heat. If not addressed, this rise in heat due to the continuous wear and tear will cause problems.

Other elements to the system are the belts, hoses as well as sensors. The cooling system assists in keeping your automobile from getting too hot. As a result, the coolant has to function successfully to keep everything reasonably cool from the heat build up.

The cool breeze that comes from the air conditioner in your car is not what is meant by the cooling system. This not only causes significantly less deterioration, but with less friction, there isn’t as much heat built up. The thermostat, radiator, fan, overflow reservoir, coolant along with water pump are classified as the main parts of a cooling system. Every part of the car works together safely in a very complicated system.

Your automobile will ultimately wear out after years of frequent use because of the abuse the engine takes from constant friction and heat. If any one area of the cooling system is not functioning properly, the car will overheat. The car is something many people don’t understand, or they would be better at looking after it.


For your car to perform efficiently, you’ll want to take good care of it. The lubrication system and the cooling system are the two things that should be routinely checked. You do not want to end up being stranded on the road because you didn’t do your routine maintenance check. Many of the parts in your car are going to wear out so you always want to keep the correct maintenance schedule. An unbelievable volume of heat is generated from the continuous friction and fuel being burned in your engine itself

For example soil with good heat transfer properties

For example, soil with good heat transfer properties will require less piping. In a closed loop system, the pipe typically runs horizontally, between 4 and 6 feet deep, or vertically between 100 and 400 feet. Your property type will determine which type of ground loop you’ll use.

Geothermal heat pumps use the constant temperature of the ground to ZNT Series Evaporation Air-Cooled Condenser exchange heat between the inside and outside of your house.

To learn more about geothermal,contact an experienced reputable company who will work with customers every step of the way to make sure they get the right system for the job, large or small. Ground water can also be used as a water source for open-loop systems, provided the water quality is suitable. Compare that to even the most energy efficient furnace, which can’t convert all of its energy into heat for your home. Contact a licensed HVAC company who specializes in geothermal heating and cooling today to learn more about geothermal installation services.

The primary component of a geothermal heat pump system is the ground loop, which is either open or closed. Your geothermal HVAC contractor will look at the geology, hydrology and landscape to decide.

The availability of ground or surface water can help determine what type of ground loop to use.


When considering your options for geothermal installations, it’s important to factor in your location.

The composition of your soil and rock affects the rate at which heat is transferred. It pulls heat from the ground to heat your home in the winter, and pulls heat from your house and leaves it in the ground in summer.

A geothermal system can reach efficiencies of up to 600 percent. Certain bodies of surface water can be used as a source of water for an open-loop system, or in a closed-loop system as the location for coils of piping. Air source heat pumps typically achieve heating efficiencies of up to 250 percent, though that’s still far less than a geothermal heat pump. In the less-common open loop system, surface water is used as a heat transfer medium. The pipes are filled with an environmentally safe antifreeze and water solution that acts as a heat exchanger. In North Texas the average depth required for a good heat transfer is 250 feet per well loop. It is also importnat that the company you choose provide customer support service and follow up maintenance to ensure the system works the way it was designed. Areas with shallow soil or lots of rock may require vertical ground loops